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How to Host the Ultimate Christmas Party

How to Host the Ultimate Christmas Party
on 01 November 2022 in Events

Christmas season can seem a bit crazy especially when there are parties and celebrations right, left and centre. With all the fuss, it’s very easy to focus on everywhere else but here – as in the parties you plan on hosting for the people you care about the most.

Playing host on Christmas can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re looking to make things memorable and enjoyable for everyone. Whether it’s hosting one at home or having a Christmas lunch at a venue, the event requires plenty of organising and planning to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

From rushing around worrying about the matching colours and theme of the tablecloth to how much ice you’ll need per person, your real focus should be on the comfort of your guests. After all, by focusing on what makes your guests happy, you can cut out all the confusing noise and focus on making the event great for your guests.

Here are some invaluable tips to hosting the ultimate Christmas party.

Plan well ahead of time 
The more time you have to plan, the better you will feel when organising your Christmas party. A great host isn’t one who is frantically rushing around trying to fix every little thing. A great host knows how to keep their guests feeling relaxed and comfortable, allowing them to have a great time.

Plan your Christmas party as far in advance as you can. For example, if it’s a Christmas lunch you’re hosting, you’ll probably know how many people will be attending the event which then helps you prepare mock setups and menu preparations beforehand.

Encourage guests to do some DIY
If you’re hosting at home, the best way to get your guests involved in helping your event flow smoothly is to get them to do some DIY. This could be as simple as setting up a cocktail bar for them to mix their individual drinks. Alternatively, you could always make some batch cocktails and have everyone pour their own. Be sure to prepare wedges of lime and lemon, salt for margaritas and olives for martinis. You can also include fun things like paper straws, cute little umbrellas and swizzle sticks for some celebratory fun. 

Create a memorable menu
Food is the heart of every Christmas event, which is why you’ll need to create a memorable Christmas menu to qualify hosting the ultimate Christmas party.

From favourite holiday cookies to sensational thick gravy, it’s time to put the family favourites on the table this Christmas party. Set up your dishes in a buffet style, allowing your guests to eat what they like without being constrained to what’s being served. 

If you don’t feel like taking on all of the responsibility of cooking, get the family to put in some effort by bringing a dish. Designated courses if you must so that the party has a meal for every course. 

And if you simply don’t have the capacity to cook this Christmas, why not host your Christmas party at the Seabreeze Hotel in Mackay? The venue is versatile, offering a relaxing gathering space that overlooks Lamberts Beach. From intimate dinner settings to larger environments that easily transform to your unique atmosphere, the range of function spaces from a natural vibe of the Terrace to the vibrancy of the Boathouse or the traditional ambiance of the Pacific Room, a Christmas party here won’t be forgotten.

You also have the option of getting the dedicated functions team onboard to assist with menu selection and decorations, ensuring your Christmas party finishes with a bang.

Outsource where you can
Just like how it’s a smart idea to outsource your catering and venue to a place like the Seabreeze Hotel in Mackay, it’s just as smart to outsource other aspects of your Christmas party such as decorations, flower arrangements, cocktail bars, and so on.

The more time you have focused on being present during the party, the better. After all, it isn’t a Christmas party without you being a part of it! 

Set the festive mood
Think Christmas colours and a ton of Christmas decor throughout. This season is filled with bright colours that spring to life with on trend prints and sentimental accents. Don’t be afraid to style and design items with things that you already own. Whether that’s vases, wallpaper and lighting, your imagination has no limit.

Don’t forget to make a playlist of all of the Christmas classics and be sure to put in some tunes that will have hips swaying and people singing along.

Have a dress code
Make sure that everyone comes dressed nicely and even in theme such as ugly sweaters or even winter white and holiday sparkles. Having everyone dressed in style makes for an easy ice breaker and great photography setups.