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Whale Watching At Lamberts Beach Lookout

Whale Watching At Lamberts Beach Lookout
on 15 November 2022 in Uncategorized

Lamberts lookout is a vantage point that offers astonishing views of the beach, the Cumberland Islands and Slade Point. With a backdrop that will melt the heart of romantics during sunset, a visit here is a must just for the picturesque serenity.

What many may not know is that Lamberts Beach lookout is the most popular viewing platform to catch migrating whales as they play and breach off the coastline of Mackay.

And if the reasons above weren’t enough to convince you about how amazing the lookout is, you’ll probably want to jump on the opportunity to visit knowing that its beauty attracts a flow of wedding photographers especially during sunrise and sunset.

When it comes to the views, be amazed at the rustic old water tower which sets the scene of a painted, marine whale theme – helping you get in the zone of whale watching.

In 2017, Lamberts Beach Lookout was upgraded with a landmark pavilion and two dedicated viewing zones with seating and interpretative signs. Offering unspoiled 350 degree panoramic views, the upper level is equipped with binoculars to optimise your whale watching experience and wildlife spotting. 

Parking on-site has also been improved as part of the upgrade, with consideration made for RV camper vans and small tourist buses. The inclusion of a disabled parking bay was implemented, making the recent upgrades a great step forward.

With picnic tables, plenty of shade, play equipment and free to use barbecue pits for cooking up a storm available at Ram Chandra Park situated next to Lamberts Beach, it’s easy to spend the day in the area.

Whale watching in Mackay 
When it comes to the whale watching spots in Australia, Mackay is fairly new in the game. However, the game is certainly big with yours offered as well as charters to catch a view of the annual migration of Humpback Whales, Longfin Pilot Whales and Southern Right Whales.

Charter a boat to whale watch or spend the afternoon at Lamberts Beach Lookout to catch a view. Occasionally, the Mackay Tourism Ltd holds functions at the Surf Club at Mackay Harbour in aim to catch whales breaching across the harbour during a morning tea session on the deck.

Whale watching season in Mackay happens in June to July, with the mighty humpbacks making their way up the Eastern coastline to the Great Barrier Reef for warmer waters away from the winter chill. 

This coming season is anticipated to be a great season for whale watching enthusiasts with fabulous weather followed by great tracking and indicative migration movements. But don’t forget to bring a jacket, it certainly can be windy out there!

Cosy up at the Seabreeze Hotel in Mackay
For whale watching this year, why not head to the Seabreeze Hotel in Mackay for the best views of Lambert Beach while spoiling yourself to decadent meals prepared by professional chefs. Pour yourself a cold one by the bar or be adventurous with a refreshing cocktail 

It’s oceanfront dining at its best and only a short drive from the city. From kids to adults, including those fussy eaters, the diverse food and beverage menu will surely suit all appetites.

Whether it’s a natural feel you prefer (the Terrace is perfect for this) or a more vibrant atmosphere like the Boathouse, the various laidback themes in the Seabreeze Hotel will make you feel at home.

Sit, dine, whale watch, and enjoy the magnificent views of Lambert Beach and treat the kids with a fully fenced, shaded play area filled with play equipment for hours of enjoyment. 
Don’t forget to make a booking to avoid missing out on a table.