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The Ultimate Guide to getting married in the Whitsundays

The Ultimate Guide to getting married in the Whitsundays
on 15 October 2022 in Events

When you think about a destination wedding, there aren’t many places that beat the Whitsundays. The pristine waters, the island view, and the gorgeous weather all set a pretty high standard. It’s almost impossible to go home with a bad picture given the luxurious waterfront and beautiful white sandy beaches that run along the coast.

For most couples, it can be extremely overwhelming to plan a wedding with the aim of it being the big day that should be remembered for years to come. With such high expectations and demands comes the various unique considerations that come into play. From who to invite, where to host it, what to wear, and so much more, the list can seem endless causing you feeling uncertain of where to begin.

Don’t let the overwhelm take over and enjoy the process of planning your special day. Here is our take on the best way to get married on the Whitsundays.

Find out blackout dates for your wedding
One of the most important things to tackle when beginning to plan for your wedding is to identify which dates are problematic for you and your most important guests. Consider dates that fall on trade conferences, festive periods, big events, charity walks or even local celebrations. Discuss with your important guests about their schedules and prior appointments as well.

You will want to ensure that any events happening around your wedding date do not impact traffic and hotel room availability or accessibility for maximum enjoyment.

Taking Mother Nature into account
When planning your wedding, it’s always important to consider the weather alongside other potential inconveniences that may result from it. Think weather warnings, cyclone season, heat waves and so on.

Wedding guests are more likely to leave early if you’re hosting your wedding in a hot summer tent or have poor heating in your winter loft reception.

You should also consider pests like gnats, deer flies, and mosquitos that may frequent certain areas during specific seasons. To avoid this issue, consider renting pest control tanks that will help alleviate the problem or include bug repellent in your guest gift bags.

For those looking to have a sunset ceremony to exchange vows, be sure to check SunriseSunset to find out exactly when the sun is due to set.

Always have a Plan B for when unexpect weather events happen and you need to take shelter. 

A lighter list for a happier budget
Half of your wedding costs go to wining, dining and hosting your guests. If you want to find ways to lower your wedding budget, it’s time you revisit who’s invited.

If your cost is around $100 per guest, eliminating just a table of 10 will mean saving $1,000.

Choosing the right venue
Most aspects of a wedding are optional, such as forgoing flowers or 6 course meals, choosing a venue is an aspect that can’t be missed. 

Finding the right venue can prove challenging, with the desire to have a space that offers scenic beauty, serenity, and the perfect ambiance to say I do. 

There’s something undeniably romantic about getting married in a venue that speaks to the Australian heritage and culture of nature and beauty. And what better place to celebrate that than in the Mackay region where the Great Barrier Reef outlines the coast? 

Hosting your wedding at a venue like Seabreeze Hotel in Mackay offers a 4 Star Beach accommodation with fantastic views of the waters.

Nestled by Lamberts Beach, having your wedding at the Seabreeze Hotel gives you the unique opportunity to exchange your vows in the possible presence of whales migrating north. Now that’s a wedding to remember.

The Seabreeze Hotel offers a range of private function spaces to suit a wide range of wedding settings from small intimate dinners to larger celebrations. The various spaces are versatile, giving you the chance to create your own unique atmosphere to suit the wedding of your dreams.

From decorations to menu selection, you can leave your wedding planning worries to the dedicated functions team at Seabreeze for an easy and stress free wedding.

Learn more about a Seabreeze wedding here on the Functions page where there’s a function information pack and a function menu pack to download.

Find out more by contacting

Finding the right photographer 
One of the most important aspects of your wedding, you’ll need to find a photographer that you are comfortable with – especially given how this is the one person you will be spending most of your night with aside your significant other.

Be sure to communicate your priorities and wants with your photographer including visualisations, lighting, golden hour, sunset photos, intimate ones, and so on. 

Leave some extra room in your budget
A typical wedding budget follows a formula close to 48% to 50% going to the reception, 8% to 10% going to flowers, 8% to 10% going ti photography, 2% to 3% for invites, 2% to 3% to gifts, and 8% for miscellaneous things such as a wedding coordinator.

To avoid surprises that go beyond your budget, be sure to allocate an extra 5% to 10% for those unexpected situations that call for a cash solution. From printing mistakes to tailoring needs or umbrellas for a rainy day, you never know what you’ll need until something goes awry and having the budget to accommodate that can be a lifesaver.

Always remember it’s your day
Remember it’s your day at the end of the day, meaning you should always do it your way. From dressed to flowers to photography and venue, even the wine and food list should be yours to decide. All of these elements are extremely personal and your wedding day should reflect your personality as the wrong choices can put a damper on things.

Avoid caving in to heavy influences by friends, family or even wedding planners. Ultimately, you and your significant other are the VIPs of your wedding day so make it yours to celebrate.