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The Big Baffler

The Big Baffler
Get your thinking caps on!
Guesses submitted every Thursday | New clue every Friday
Seabreeze Hotel

Calling all trivia fanatics, welcome to The Big Baffler!

Every week, we will be releasing clues to our brand new, extra tricky trivia question!

What’s even better? The Big Baffler has its very own prize pool. Clue 1 will kick us off at $50, and each week will jackpot by $20 until correctly guessed.

All guesses MUST be submitted in person at our weekly Thursday Trivia. Any comments online won’t count, so keep your eyes peeled on our socials in case a silly sausage spills their answer!

Clues will be released every Friday morning following our trivia evening on the Seabreeze Social profiles.

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